Mother’s Day

All that I am , or hope to be I owe to my mother. – Abraham Lincoln

Today is about the mother in youe life, so givethat women a call, an email, or a text. Letting her know you are thinking about her and thankful for everything she has done to make you who you are today.

Thank all the other mothers in your life. Your best friends mom or the someone else’s mother that helped you get through something thought it just have you some motherly advice.

Also, don’t forget about that great guy or great lady in your life, you have their mother to thank for the way they treat you 😉


About Me-My First Post

Welcome to my blog!! I am excited to be sharing events, quilts, patterns and even recipes with you! This is a new process for me, but I understand first you will want to know “about me”.

So, lets start at the beginning! My mom opened The Fabric Patch when I was six years old. I went there every day after school and I was there every weekend. I assume Mom will be sharing stories about my younger years in the shop on her blog “Pen and Patch” – hopefully she will share how she got dad to agree to opening a fabric store. That story is a favorite of mine.

I was one of those kids that never got into trouble growing up. No battles with my mom, no boy troubles, no fighting with my brothers, and definitely no parties or bad grades. I spent every spare moment at the shop where I got to know all of the “regular” customers. With 20 “moms” watching out for me and offering advice… there was no way I was getting into trouble!

At home my preferred past times were sewing and cooking. I could cook a four course dinner by the time I was 7 and my cornflake bars were the best!

Mom and I shared a quilt studio for years, then she cleaned out a closet, added some cabinets and I had my own space!! It was pretty nice. Cozy and functional. I learned early to keep everything in it’s place.

So, growing up my original plans were to become a vet. Love of animals… specialize in horses… live on a ranch…. Then I realized vets were not all about vacci-nations for cute kittens and removing porcupine quills from snoopy dogs. There was a lot of heartache, death and sadness. I was no longer interested. The ten years of college didn’t do much to sell it either. So then I thought… baker! I LOVED baking. I would go to culinary school then open a cute little morning/lunch bakery! Then mom reminded me I would have to wake up at 3:30 every morning. Deal breaker for a night owl. I felt I was out of ideas… no path to follow… no dreams to pursue. Then once again mom offered life-changing advice: “If you do something you love, you won’t work a day in your life.” Sewing wins!!

I was accepted into the Seattle Art Institute and moved to Seattle right after graduation. I lived in a cute two bedroom condo in Belltown (downtown Seattle) only 6 blocks from Pike Place Market. I loved going on walks through sculpture park and through Pike Place on a Tuesday when it was just us locals. The city is a wonderful place, especially when the sun is shining! How-ever after a short time I learned I was not a city girl, I didn’t like the rain and I didn’t like the crowds. However, I stuck it out and even though it was a lonely two years, I would have to say I would do it again in a heartbeat.

After graduation I moved home and jumped right back into working at the shop. I really missed all of the people. They are like a second family. By October I moved into a house just three blocks from the shop and in December I got engaged to my high school sweetheart, Robert Motzkus. I am working on my Bachelors in Business and plan to take over the “family business” when mom retires.

I have a quilting kitten named Savage and a pup going through his “terrible twos” named Rugar. In our four bedroom house I have both a sewing studio and a quilting room that houses my Lon-garm. I professionally quilt about 6 quilts/week in addition to working 5 days per week at the shop.

After all these years things have just come full circle, working at the shop every day, cooking and cleaning in the evening, gardening on weekends, taking home fabric every day… I still don’t have any time to get into trouble! Maybe I should just try a little harder!